Why people keep buying books but never reading them?

I investigated why people buy books and don’t read them and found a solution to reduce this issue. In this project, I created a brand to promote the positive idea of reading more books in a limited time to help people who want to learn but have no time. The brand gives people a simple, comfortable and relaxing impression, which is like the feeling of reading a good book.
[Interview research] 
I interviewed 6 people about their reading behaviors, and got some key findings: 
1. People wish they would have time to read books when they were buying them.
2. Having limited time to read is one of the biggest reason for people cannot to read regularly.
3. People would like to read ebook when they are not at home or somewhere good for reading.
[Topic Direction]
Q: How can I help people take advantage of their limited time to read more books.
A: People want to read books when they buy them. However, many of them either never touch the book they bought or stop reading after finishing couple pages because of bad time management. In this project, I want to find a solution for these people and introduce a better way to read. I am going to create a system for sustainability reading and help people can read and read more books in their proper reading time.
[User Flow & User Testing]
[App Design]
[Poster Series]
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